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Socioecological literacy campaign for the tourist in its destination



The target market consists of men and women within the ages of 18-35 from higher socioeconomic backgrounds with a medium-high to high schooling level who live in central México (México City, Guerrero, Estado de México, Hidalgo, Morelos, Tlaxcala, Puebla) and are interested in cultural and gastronomic activities or belong to a group of tourists with similar interests.


The mole workshop is aimed to tourists visiting Puebla. According to a study undertaken by the Secretaria de Turismo del Gobierno del Estado de Puebla, where basic markers in touristic activity in Puebla between the years 2012 and 2013 were analyzed, there was a 21.36% increase in the state´s tourism, with a mean of 10,234,000 visitors in the year 2013. In 2012 8,432,000 visitors entered the state, of which a percentage of 84.36 were residents, and 15.64% non-residents; a 10.08% increase compared to the numbers of 2011.


Puebla has had a significant growth in tourism during the later years, causing the state´s government to focus a loss on promoting activities that attract tourism and show the state as an important touristic point at national and international levels.  New proposals such as Museum Nights, Touristic Tianguis, and the International Taekwondo Tournament have contributed to the state´s positioning as an important touristic destination.


According to the Touristic Studies Center at Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey, which measures the Touristic Competitiveness index, Puebla has shifted from place 24 to place 19 of all Mexican states. Consequently, Puebla has had a great development in its touristic section, a clear example was the 63rd Feria of Cholula in 2013, which had a mean of 120 thousand participants and an income of 30 million pesos just in the opening day, exceeding the event´s expectations.