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Socioecological literacy campaign for the tourist in its destination



The project´s main goals are:


  • To be self-sustaining
  • To have a permanent income
  • To standardize processes
  • To have complete knowledge of the different areas comprised by the workshop
  • To raise funds for the Ex Convento San Dieguino


Internal goals have been set within the workshop to achieve these objectives


Short-term goals:


  • To attract and develop partnerships with universities, hotels, and travel agencies in the areas of Cholula and Puebla
  • To create awareness and spread information about the workshop through government´s Secretaría de Turismo of Cholula and Puebla
  • To create a partnership with Centro Sustenta and help the Cihuame women to have the opportunity to take part in a social management certification program
  • To broadcast the workshop through the program “ Reto Proactivo Televisión”
  • To develop an operational proccess plan that helps optimize time and resources


To qualify the CIHUAME women in the following areas:


  • Achieving a better internal communication and agenda
  • Training other community members to manage the workshop program
  • Cover the goals of the workshop, namely, successful teaching of mole making
  • To develop promotional material for the workshop.
  • To develop advertisement strategies.
  • To develop a web page


Long-term goals:


  • To raise funds for the Cihuame women: recover initial investment to propel the mole workshop (money and resources)
  • To raise funds for the restoration of the Ex Convento San Dieguino
  • To maintain recurring customers and attract new ones