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Socioecological literacy campaign for the tourist in its destination



The mole workshop is a touristic pack that enables the participant to dive into Cholula´s culture. This pack is very appealing since it helps the tourist bond with the regional culture in a number of ways. Common elements found in a Cholulteca family are considered in this pack in order to provide an enlightening experience, as well as a great way to get to know the culture from its foundation, and to have an ancestral adventure! The pack is suitable for anyone regardless of age or citizenship and is fit for the whole family. The mole workshop seeks to deliver a unique cultural experience in which close contact with the Cihuame women enhances the activities and delivers the partaker a wider gastronomical perspective of mole and the Cholulteca culture.


The mole workshop is the result of a partnership among three important social actors in the region: the Cihuame women, Instituto Tecnológico de Puebla, and Universidad de las Américas Puebla. The interest of the two educational establishments, these being Instituto Tecnológico de Puebla and Universidad de las Américas Puebla, in the workshop lays in putting in practice theoretical proposals from the “Socioecologic literacy campaign for the tourist in its destination” project; on the other hand, the Cihuame group looks for economic revenue for the rebuilding of the Ex Convento Dieguino, symbol and tradition of San Andrés Cholula.


The workshop has been previously conducted seven times, with a good number of student-participants who showed willingness to take part in the activities and interest in getting to know further the cholulteca culture. In the same way, these students have been told the purpose of the workshop with more detail and the results have been more than satisfactory. Many of these students continue to be part of the project and have eagerly returned to the workshop


Workshop managers

The workshop counts with the involvement of two teachers:

  • Professor María del Carmne Morfin Herrara
  • Professor María Evelinda Santiago Jiménez


Who are the workshop coordinators and work in hand with the owners

  • Catalina Mesa
  • Georgina Manjarrez
  • Blanca Torres


Click the http://www.lajornadadeoriente.com.mx/noticia/puebla/mujeres-abriran-y-administraran-el-centro-cultural-cihuame-en-san-andres-cholula_id_16872.html to see the work of the Cihuame.